ESG Service

The commitment to preserve the environment, well-being, healthy building, and smart efficiency are the ESG-inspired cornerstones of new real estate. Polish Properties supports our Clients in identifying the ESG strategy best suited to their needs through an array of integrated services which allows them to implement a clear, well-articulated pathway since the outset and throughout the entire process value chain.

Adherence to the relevant regulatory framework, asset pre-assessment with reference to the three components of sustainable environmental, social, and governance practices, identification of any sustainability certifications achievable, asset redevelopment, energy consumption analysis and monitoring, ESG rating, preparation of future improvement plans, and up to ESG impacts within the scope of property valuation

Our 100% ESG Value strategic analysis is tailored:

  • for the organization/entity
  • for financing purpose
  • for assets
    • decarbonization and enhancement
    • management
    • data digitalization
  • to obtain new financing