We are pleased to inform that Polish Properties has joined PRAXI Valuations, an international network of valuations and appraisals firms

The group was established by Praxi S.p.A., one of the most notable names in Italian real estate valuations. Thanks to the presence in nine European countries, the group are able to provide the highest quality services for clients active on numerous markets at the same.

Compliance with international standards, full independence, high qualifications of our experts and proven track record make us the European leader in the field of property valuation.

“Joining PRAXI Valuations is the success of the credibility of Polish Properties as a company that is fully independent and operates in accordance with international and national valuation standards. The highest qualifications of the Team, rich experience and recognition on the market are the main assets that we bring to PRAXI Valuations”- said Marcin Malmon, director at Polish Properties

Together with Praxi S.p.A. in Italy and Polish Properties in Poland the following firms have joined the network:
• United Kingdom: Carter Jonas LLP
• Belgium: de Crombrugghe & Partners SA
• France: Colomer Expertises
• Germany: Dr. Gleser & Dalhoefer
• Greece: Arbitrage Real Estate Advisors
• Poland: Polish Properties SP. Z O.O.
• Spain and Portugal: Gesvalt S.A.
• Switzerland: REVA Real Estate Valuation & Advisory Sagl
These companies make up the backbone of a network that will expand to cover an increasingly vast area, ultimately covering all continents.

In answer to the question of what distinguishes Praxi Valuations from other similar groupings, Krzysztof Grzesik, Managing Director of Polish Properties explained that this is a rare example of the coming together of independent specialist firms populated by practicing valuers acknowledged in their local markets as top authorities.